Jay Silva

Executive Chef, Bambara


Known for his passion for food, keen eye for detail and commitment to sourcing the best ingredients, Executive Chef Jay Silva shares his knowledge and creativity with everyone at Bambara.

"It's great to be here and to bring the focus to the local."

The flavors of his youth and well-developed palate inspire Silva's creations. A Massachusetts native, Silva grew up in Malden and on Cape Cod. Silva takes advantage of the surrounding bounty, showcasing fresh seafood, locally raised meats and fresh produce from nearby farms.

  • Q: What Special Award/Recognition are you most proud of?
  • A: Nominated Starchefs Rising Star in 2006
  • Q: Who is your culinary mentor?
  • A: Thomas Von Munster
  • Q: What is your single favorite ingredient?
  • A: Scallops
  • Q: Who would you most like to cook for?
  • A: Anthony Bourdain
  • Q: What is your favorite cookbook?
  • A: Chez Panisse Cooking
  • Q: Name a career highlight.
  • A: Cooking for Led Zepplin's Robert Plant and having him like it so much that he asked me how to make it!
Jay's Favorite Recipe

Jay's Favorite Recipe

Grilled Flatbread with Garlic & Tomatoes - Straight from Bambara's menu and a fan favorite.

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