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Meet The Wedding Specialist

Boston Wedding Specialist

Meet Ellie Durbin

wedding planner
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Passion. Patience. Creativity. Resourcefulness. To make your perfect day even sweeter, these skills are vital for any sought after Wedding Specialist to possess. When the goal is to make your wedding dreams become a reality, Ellie has what it takes…and then some! Our Boston Wedding Specialist encompasses these skills and is dedicated to ensuring that your wedding journey at Kimpton Hotel Marlowe ends in a full out celebration! With all the right connections (AKA the best of the best vendors), Ellie will assist in executing all the fine details. She's heard it all, and since no question is too small, we’ve decided to flip the table and ask her a few questions about herself.

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Ellie was ranked among Top 25 Catering, Event, and Meeting Pros to Watch in 2018

What is your “dream” wedding menu?

A seasonal mixed green salad, a perfectly medium-rare filet with scallion mashed potatoes and asparagus, and a cookie buffet alongside the wedding cake.

Favorite engagement story?

I once had a couple who was engaged on the Chunnel going from London to Paris!

What is one thing that most couples forget when planning their wedding?

Feeding the bridal party and a place for the groom to get ready.

What is one of your favorite places to show people when looking at the Marlowe?

I love to show couples the Lechmere Park where we host outdoor ceremonies and talk about all the hidden gem photography spots.

How do you approach the planning of weddings?

One step at a time. The venue search can be overwhelming and I assure you that it is downhill from here. It will get easier!

Favorite hors d oeuvre on the menu?

It’s rarely chosen at first, but it’s a secret favorite: chicken and apple pita crisp.

What is a touch that you could add to weddings that is not expensive?

A simple signature cocktail. Often the ingredients you need are already on the bar and all you need is a sign!

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of a wedding?

Favorite part is just as the last person goes down the aisle and the ceremony is starting. Least favorite is getting everyone in just the right place to start the ceremony—surprisingly this is the trickiest part of coordinating!

Must have Photo Op in or around the hotel?

Under the bridge on Edwin H Land Blvd, where the vines grow.

What is one question that all couples should ask on venue sites?

All couples should review a proposal that includes their package, estimated guest count and taxes and fees.

Advice for couples post big day?

Write those thank you notes just a few at a time and it won’t feel like a chore. Also enjoy getting back to a routine—date nights, Netflix at home, and time with friends.

What is one piece of advice you wished you followed when you were planning your own wedding?

Even though I always remind couples they can be open with me if there’s something they want or if something isn’t quite right, I had to remind myself that my vendors aren’t mind readers. In the end my vendors were so appreciative and receptive when I communicated a specific expectation we had.