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hotel guest room

Where Fantasy Meets Reality


Indulge at our Cambridge, Massachusetts hotel

Newly renovated and drawing inspiration from the neighboring Charles River, a subtle color palette emerges in our guestrooms and suites and shades of steely blue, gray, and gold ground the design with a sense of calm. Natural wood finishes blend with sleek, industrial metalwork, evoking the residential masonry style found along the city’s historic, cobblestoned streets.

Clever details invite more little moments of delight. Even the closets conceal a graphic design with a nod to Edwin H. Land, our address’ namesake and the inventor of the Polaroid camera. We won’t give away every surprise, but expect to find more abstract artwork in the rooms and hallways. Each piece offers a playful wink to local artists and icons — including modern marvels of architecture as well as a certain Revolutionary hero on horseback.